02/10/2007 PRI-Modeler version 1.3
PRI-Modeler version 1.3 analyzes hydrogen bonds and van der Waals interactions between protein and RNA and extracts information about base pairs of RNA. It visualizes the RNA structure at the nucleotide level in the three dimensional space.
02/16/2005 PRI-Modeler version 1.2
PRI-Modeler version 1.2 shows base numbering for nucleotides in RNA structural drawings.
02/03/2005 PRI-Modeler version 1.1
PRI-Modeler version 1.1 has a function to analyze information about all hydrogen bonds in several PDB files. Users can use this function to analyze several PDB files at a time.
01/12/2004 PRI-Modeler version 1.0
PRI-Modeler can analyze hydrogen bonds between protein and RNA and extract information about base-pairs of RNA.

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